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Useful information

The climate

The hottest period is in April-May, and the rainiest in September-October, but has nothing to do with the Indian monsoon, in general it is limited to a big thunderstorm in the late afternoon.
The driest and coolest period is from November to early March, the temperatures are mild, and the rains are extremely rare, the temperatures can even drop to 20, 22 ° at night, but in general, it is around 25 to 30°.
The sea water temperature is between 27 and 30 degrees.


In the tourist sector, there are many exchange offices, euros are accepted everywhere without any problem.
ATMs are very numerous in Pattaya, you can make withdrawals there within the limits of your bank authorization.


Thailand is a safe country, certainly safer than many European countries. In addition, there is in Jomtien-Pattaya.
The Tourist Police whose agents speak English and even French, they will assist you in the event of a problem, they are there to help the tourist in difficulty.

Residence visa

This visa information pre-dates covid, with c0vid, the information changes every week, if not every day, so check with the embassies.

The length of your stay will determine your choice of visa.

For a stay of less than 30 days, no visa is necessary, the only condition is that your passport must be valid for more than 6 months upon your arrival in Thailand. Be careful to board, you must have left Thailand within thirty days, either your return ticket is within these dates, or you must have proof of leaving Thai territory within thirty days.

The tourist visa is issued for tourist purposes. The tourist visa is valid for 3 months after the date of filing, and it gives the right to a stay of 60 days from the date of arrival in Thailand.
Please note, once left Thai territory, the visa is automatically canceled even if the applicant only spends one day in Thailand.
The tourist visa can be extended for 1 additional month in one of the Immigration services for 1900 baht (around 50 €) without leaving the country.

Non-immigrant visa O - This type of visa does not allow you to work and gives the right to stay in Thailand for a stay of 90 days (the visa gives the right to only one entry into Thai territory). This visa can be turned into a 1 year renewable visa upon immigration to Thailand.

The OA non-immigrant visa is intended for retired people over the age of 50. This visa is issued by the embassy of your country.
This type of visa does not allow you to work and gives the right to stay in Thailand for one year.

For these two O and OA visas, any exit from the territory leads to the cancellation of the visa and requires a new issuance request to re-enter Thai territory). Be careful to keep your visa, ask for Re-entry (1000 baht) for each exit, otherwise you will lose your visa. There is the possibility of requesting a multi-entry (3,900 baht) if you expect to exit frequently.

After each entry, if the stay exceeds 90 days, the holder must report to the immigration service.
The holder of these visas can extend them each year at the immigration service.

Please note: For the renewal of these visas, as conditions change, inquire well in advance at the immigration office where you will apply.

Driver's license

If you plan to rent a motorbike or a car, the international license is compulsory, it is valid for three months after your arrival, not for renting the car or a motorbike, because the renter will surely not ask you, the passport is enough for him , but if you have the slightest of problems, the international license will save you a lot of worries, already at the level of insurance. Driving a vehicle in Thailand is not a major problem, other than driving on the left, and driving Thai people can be confusing.

Sunset on Koh Larn
Sunset on Koh Larn (CargaudPhoto studio)